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GS Immigration is a diversified service consulting company focusing on overseas immigration investment education.

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Why Choose Gangsheng?

Why Choose Gangsheng?

One-stop service for kid's study

Studying abroad services in HK and Macao

One-stop service for immigration investment

Hk Identity

HK Identity

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Family benefits


No investment required

Top Talent Pass Scheme

Family benefits

HK Further Education Program

Study abroad

Capital Entry Scheme

One person investment, family immigration

Entrepreneur Entry Program

Family benefits

HK Services

Dependent Application

Family Life

Kid's Education and Further Education

International Perspective

Opening an account with a HK bank

Global Investment

HK Company Registration

Easy application

HKPR Application

Family benefit

Hong Kong Insurance Services

Ensuring family peace

Certificate Renewal Service

Convenient procedures

HK driver's license application

No need to apply for exam

International Driver's License Application

Smooth global driving

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About GS immigration

A diversified service consulting company focusing on immigration investment education

GS is a consulting company focusing on overseas immigration. Provide one-stop consulting services such as overseas identity planning, overseas investment, and children's education. Committed to HK immigration, skilled immigration and other projects. Each project has a complete vertical product series, tailor-made immigration plans, and provides professional and high-quality services to high-net-worth customers.
The headcounter office was founded in HK. The business covers mainland China, HK, Singapore, the US and other overseas countries. In 2018, a Shenzhen branch was established. We have a professional team composed of famous lawyers, senior consultants, certified public accountants, and education planners. Always rely on a convenient and efficient immigration and study abroad consulting service chain. Provide customers with the same high-quality services such as professional consulting, language training, application guidance, and settlement, and provide investors with high-quality immigration investment education consulting services with the concept of ultimate service.


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24-hour hotline:  

+86  185 6673 7283 (China)
+852 2332 8966 (HK, China)

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SZ: Room 1011, Shenmao Commercial Centre, No. 59 News Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
HK: Room 1702 , Singga commercial centre, 144-151 Connaught road west, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


Cooperation call:

+86  182 1006 8010 (China)
+852 9086 8010 (HK, China)

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24-hour hotline
+86      185 6673 7283 (China)
+852   2332 8966 (HK, China)

Cooperation phone
+86      182 1006 8010 (China)
+852   9086 8010 (HK, China)

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